What is a Candidate Forum?

We invite ALL candidates on the ballot for a contest to answer questions and give statements before the public.  Each candidate will have the same amount of time to speak.  Questions come from the audience with the League only checking for duplicate questions and inappropriate language.  We ask as many questions as possible during the planned forum time limit.

How will it help me decide my vote?

  • You can watch and listen to candidates address issues in more than just a brief sound bite.
  • You can submit questions to be asked of all candidates.
  • You may choose between candidates based on direct observations.
  • You become engaged in the political process.

What should I consider while viewing?

We suggest you watch and listen with these ideas in mind

  • Think ahead and decide which issues are most import to you.
  • Is the candidate answering the question?  Pay attention to HOW the candidate answers the questions.  Are they specific? Sincere? Knowledgeable?
  • Based on the candidate’s responses:  Do they reflect your values?  Does he or she support the priorities and issues that you care about?
  • We ask all candidates to a set of ground rules before the event.

Upcoming Forums

The League of Women Voters will be sponsoring or co-sponsoring the following forums for the August 2, 2022 primary election:

MI House District 11 – moderated by LWV Grosse Pointe co-sponsored by LWV Macomb and LWV Detroit
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – this event will be private and held via Zoom
Available for viewing after June 29, 2022
To submit questions for the candidates go to: LWVGrossePointe.org by noon on June 27, 2022

US House District 10 – moderated by LWV Macomb County
Wednesday, June 29th at 7pm in person at:
Clinton-Macomb Public Library Auditorium
40900 Romeo Plank Road
Clinton Township, MI 48038
Note: no campaign or political messages allowed, including: caps, clothing or signs

Request a Candidate Forum?

The League of Women Voters of Macomb County partners with non-partisan local neighborhood associations, cities, parent organizations, and diverse community groups to sponsor Candidate Forums. If your organization would like to work with us to produce a Forum, please ask us about 3 months before election day.