What is the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission?

Every ten years following the US Census, district lines for political offices must be redrawn in states across the country to accurately reflect their populations.  In 2018 voters across the state voted to amend the Michigan constitution to make citizens – not politicians or special interests – responsible for redrawing the district lines.  The group of citizens, called the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, will be composed of 13 randomly-selected Michigan registered voters: four will be those who affiliate with the Democratic party, four who affiliate with the  Republican party and five who do not affiliate with either major party.

How will the commissioners be chosen?

Commissioners will be chosen from a pool of people who apply to serve and also from a pool of registered voters chosen at random by the Secretary of State.

Can anyone apply to serve on the commission?

No, there are some exclusions as to who is eligible to serve.  The following groups are excluded from serving on the commission itself:

  1. Within the past 6 years you cannot have been a candidate for partisan local, state or federal office
  2. Within the last 6 years you cannot have been a paid consultant, lobbyist, or employee of a lobbyist
  3.  Within the last 6 years you cannot have been an officer or a member of the governing body of a local, state or national political party
  4. Within the last 6 years you cannot have been employed by: the legislature, an elected official, political candidate, political candidate’s campaign, or PAC, or be an unclassified state employee exempt from civil service (with a few exceptions)
  5. You may not be a parent, step-parent, child, step-child, or spouse of any individual excluded above
  6. You may serve if you have been disqualified for appointed or elected office by the constitution


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    Your organization’s wordpress site is very sleek – hope you don’t mind me
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    • Hi Justin,
      Thanks for checking out our website and sorry it took me a while to get back to you. This last week has been crazy and the League has not been my top priority. But I’m settled in to work from home and getting caught up on other things.

      So your comment about our theme, we are using a pretty pared down version of the free Flash theme from ThemeGrill. I set up the website a while ago and unfortunately it crashed about a month ago and I’m just getting back into rebuild it. Flash has worked pretty well for us since I’m a complete newbie to WordPress and it has a lot of pretty easy to follow options and the documentation is pretty good (I mean it is free so I’m not expecting a whole lot). Hope this is helpful, take care in these surreal times.
      K Labuhn
      Macomb County LWV

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