What is the 2020 Census?

The 2020 census counts every person living in the United States and its 5 territories.  The count is mandated by the constitution and conducted by the US Census Bureau, a nonpartisan government agency.  The 2020 census counts the population of the United States and five U.S. territories (Puerto Rico, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the North Mariana Islands, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands).  Each home will receive an invitation to respond to a short questionnaire – online, by phone, or by mail – between March 12-20.

Why does the Census Bureau conducts this count?

The census provides critical data that lawmakers, business owners, teachers, and many others use to provide daily services, products, and support for you and your community.  Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals fire departments, schools, roads and congressional and state legislative districts.

The results of the census also determine the number of seats each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives, and they are used to draw congressional and state legislative districts.

It’s also in the Constitution: Article 1, Section 2, mandates that the country conduct a count of its population once every 10 years.  The 2020 Census will mark the 24th time that the country has counted its population since 1790.